About Carisma

Hi there! I’m Carisma and I am a video artist.

A few fun facts about me:

1 • I was born in St.Croix, U.S Virgin Islands

2 • My favorite food as of now is Puerto Rican, Russian, and Korean

3 • I’m slightly obsessed with dogs

4 • I enjoy traveling and do so frequently.

5 • If I was a millionaire, I wouldn’t care for a fancy car or clothes— I’d buy horses and have a little farm/zoo.

I’m a hopeless romantic who loves people watching and finding beauty in the little things –I’m pretty sure my fiancé is irritated by how many times I point out random situations in public like a big brother tying his little sister’s shoes, a man carrying his wife’s purse, or a baby smiling at a complete stranger– but I think it’s these little moments that makes life truly beautiful! I believe my eye for these moments and my desire to show the world the beauty in them is what makes my videos not just a replay of an event but a piece of art capturing a much deeper and meaningful essence.


All media by Carisma Films